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The YoungChef Culinary Summer camp is a newly developing 501(c)(3) organization formed by Chef C, known as, the Hope Dealer Project. This unique program is offered for 5-weeks for South Jersey/Philadelphia-based students ages 14-18 who are interested in becoming professional culinarians. The goal is to be able to train each student for employable opportunities with YoungChef Catering and other industry firms.

YoungChef Culinary Summer Camp

There are multiple ways to contact us! 

(609) 724-4075 or (917) 310-8148 (email)

Our Mission

At YoungChef Culinary Summer Camp we believe that experience is life’s greatest teacher. We are committed to providing campers with a safe, nurturing environment that affords the opportunity for exploration of culinary passion and development towards aspiring professional career path goals. The preparation for the rise of a new culinary generation is facilitated through interactive real-world learning experiences that are robust and life-changing. Our founder along with our partner culinary instructors are committed to excellence in academic performance, character development, and professional standards. 

PLEASE NOTE: The 2017 YoungChef Culinary Summer Camp enrollment is now closed. Visit us back in December 2017 for date and time for the 2018's YoungChef Culinary Summer Camp LIVE information session!

Date and location will be provided the first week of December 2017.